Pricing & Condition


Please understand that our product prices fluctuate regularly depending on popularity, size, condition, timing, collectors market, etc.

Please message us if you have any questions about a price. 


New (preowned) Tag on 

Please understand that most of our products are imported from collectors in Japan, which means most our products are preowned, even tags on/new condition/unworn.

Please expect that even new condition items might have some small imperfections due to being preowned. Vintage/dead-stock tag on items released some year before, might have some natural deterioration of condition due to age. 

Used Condition 

Used condition clothing might have some signs of wear such as marks or stains, colour fade, small holes, natural wash wear, etc. 

We check the condition of our products with extreme care. We will photograph any noticeable damages and describe the condition of each item. However, please keep in mind the general wear-and-tear of used clothing.

Please check the images and description of each product before you purchase. If you'd like more information about an item's condition, please contact us through our Contact Us page. 

If you’re a local to Wellington or visiting, please visit our Wellington shop to see and try on any of our products.